Pax Quotes

Pax Quotes

Quotes from pax – 1st training phase


Dario Rexhollari

The idea is that we can experience live in the form of a game what often happens in everyday life in businesses and this somehow stimulates, influences, and prepares you for the market, and how you will manage all of it .

Stiv Shyti

This is a novelty for all young people because they can say and express their own ideas. The exercises teach us to look out of the box, it teaches us to cooperate with others. They were interesting and effective to me.

Keti Gjipali

In IDEA, both myself and my colleague, we participated because we need more knowledge and contacts, networking, relationship with the market.
And this was a very good opportunity and our ultimate goal is to increase our company’s capabilities.

Vjola Thoma

It’s beyond my expectations, not only because the network is very, very good, but also mentors and the methodology are very, very good.

Ana Sheraj

The particularity of this project is the communication with the trainers and the method for team work.

Albano Memaj

I find myself very good in IDEA project, because I am given the opportunity to make new friends and exchange different cultures.

Ajna Domi

It is a very good experience, which has motivated me more and has encouraged me to move ahead, develop my business and not stop.

Enxhi Durmishi

I like the fact that there are good people and good ideas, which creates opportunity for me to cooperate with various persons.

Nesila Hajdini

The trainings have been quite interesting, it is highly productive the network that I created here with the participants, with different cultures and different ideas, which inspire and make me look into different ranges.

Imarion Ziraj

I have very good contacts from this experience which I am using now, though the experience motivates me more than the certificate. All the things that I learned and heard here motivates me.

Ornela Memushi

I’m really excited that when I received the email: “You are selected. Congratulations!”, it was a very happy day.


Quotes from Winners


Erika Meminaj

Participating in IDEA has been a long, but a journey filled with challenges and emotions. Everything has been of great value to the knowledge we have received which will be useful to us in every step during their implementation.

Jorgo Caca

I had not imagined that designing a business plan would be such a concrete process through interesting and practical trainings. IDEA Challenge convinced me to the contrary. I feel proud and motivated to implement my project. IDEA gives you a big boost to bring your idea to life.

Rinalda Lika

IDEA has been a unique opportunity, where through interactive, emotional, fun and vivid trainings, I have increased my capacity to compete, thus generating the business idea to turn it into a concrete business plan.
Through trainings, mentoring, coaching I managed to spend some selection phases, and above all a privilege that I was chosen as one of 5 winners.

Thanks to IDEA, I broke taboos that unfortunately still exist for a woman to be able to move forward. I also managed to promote attractions in Puka. I believe that I will be an example for all those young people living in rural areas where challenges and difficulties in the labor market have been hopeless, aiming thus to leave Albania as soon as possible. Let this be a testimony to them of how you can make it even in a place where the given opportunities are very minimal.

In short, IDEA is a school for everyone who do not want to keep their business ideas locked in their heads, but want to put them to life and show they can achieve.

Genta Ahmeti

It’s not that little to get your idea out of many contestants and you get to win. It’s really a special thing when you see that the idea and all the work you do to push it forward is truly appreciated. For me it is a stimulus to work even more for the business idea.
IDEA was really a nice experience, not just for training. The way of organization of exercises and games make you feel like a child and have fun but they carry important business concepts messages within that make you think in concrete terms and for real life. Similarly, getting to

know and getting contacts made during the trainings, the communication with trainers and mentors was truly pleasant. An entertaining way of learning that is worth trying.

Nesila Hajdini

IDEA was really challenging in many of its elements but overcoming these challenges so the strengthens your abilities that are needed along the business ride.. IDEA was a very good opportunity to see the business from a different perspective but also to expand the network by supporting the creation of new collaborations.